Our cleaning service involves a comprehensive inspection as each dress requires individualized attention. It’s so easy for a thread to become loose or for a hem to fray over the course of your wedding day. As a result, we inspect every embellishment. Then we tighten and repair any beading before we attend to any stains.

In order to remove these stains, we continue to inspect the dress for the tiniest imperfections. We identify not only the obvious spots and flaws, but also those that are virtually invisible, like perspiration or champagne.

Cleaning methods will vary depending on what fabric was used to craft your wedding gown. Generally, we would start by gently hand cleaning your dress. Afterward, we rinse with virgin solvents to ensure than no cleaning agents are left behind. What results is a dress that looks exactly as the designer intended.

If you choose to keep your wedding dress, you’ll have to protect it against yellowing and long-term damage. In order to preserve it, we treat the gown as an heirloom. That’s why after cleaning your gown, it will be carefully packed into a 100% acid-free Preservation Chest.

The preservation chest is matched to the size and style of the dress and possess an acid free window so that you may view your gown at any time. Packed between the folds of your dress, will be a special tissue paper to keep it from creasing the gown from creasing.

As a bonus, we also include a pair of white cotton gloves, a written warranty and a sheet of written instructions should you have the need to open the chest, handle your gown and store it again for future use.

The restoration process is similar to the methods museums use to store and care for their delicate clothing. Each item is cared for individually, by hand, and is never mixed with another item. This is important as every restoration project is unique and requires great attention to detail.

These gentle baths help to restore the original color of the garment. This phase of the process requires a knowledge of cleaning chemistry so that only the appropriate solutions are used. Afterwards, we steam and press the gown to restore the original shape of the garment.

After the restoration process is complete, we can also alter gowns to a more modern style. This is one of the many reasons we enjoy restoring wedding dresses. Nothing brings us more joy when a gown is re-worn at your 25th anniversary or at your daughter’s or granddaughter’s wedding.

Almost every wedding dress will need professional alterations. Hemming of a simple wedding dress usually takes only a few days while multi-layered dresses may require more time depending on the number of fittings and your availability.

We do all of our fittings by appointment so that we can provide you the personalized attention you deserve. We can also design and tailor custom accessories such as bridal veils, belts, and ring pillows.

This is but one of the many reasons our customers trust us to do all types of alterations. From minor mending to re-sizing and modifying the style, we will work with you to achieve the look that you’ve always dreamed of having on your wedding day.