Pre-Wedding Services


So, you’ve found the gown of your dreams…Now What?

Wedding Dress Cleaning Vancouver is the single place to visit for ALL your gown needs. Whether your’s is a brand new dress, a sample dress, a pre-warn gown, or a vintage gown with special meaning, we specialize in helping make your dream gown just the way you want it to look on your special day.

I brought them my wedding dress the DAY BEFORE I had to leave for my wedding, having just picked it up from alterations and noticing it was dirtier than I remembered (I bought a sample dress).

 They promised to have it ready by 10am the next morning, and then called me at 8:15am to tell me it was ready for pick up.  

It looked absolutely brand new, cleaner than I even knew it could be.  Really spectacular customer service.  Beyond five stars.


Starting with pre-wedding care, our tailor will give your gown “The Perfect Fit” so you will be confident and comfortable wearing your beautiful bridal gown on your wedding day.

If you purchased a pre-worn gown or a sample gown, we offer a pre-wedding cleaning service to ensure the gown looks “as good as new.” This is your gown and should fit properly, be clean and have no trace of odor from the previous bride.

We offer cleaning and pressing BEFORE your wedding in addition to cleaning and preservation services AFTER your wedding.

Drop us a line and tell us more about your wedding dress. We’ll be glad to have one of our wedding dress experts work with you one-on-one to make sure you show up on your wedding day looking stunning in your wedding dress!