Heirloom Cleaning of Wedding Gowns

Before cleaning the Wedding dress
Before cleaning the Wedding dress


If you are a Bride that has chosen to wear a vintage heirloom Wedding gown, which might have been your mothers or grandmothers wedding dress,   It is important to take it to take your wedding gown to  someone who has experience in this type of specialty work. A certified member of  the Association of Wedding gowns Specialists is just the right person for this kind or work.

They have gone through special training in how to care for the fabrics and the best methods of cleaning, depending on the type of yellowing and fabric.

If your dream gown has yellowed over time or is stained, do not worry . No matter the age of the wedding gown or the type of damage, we may have a solution for you. Our wedding gown archival specialists can often restore vintage gowns to their origianl colour and beauty.

After the restoration and cleaning process, our talented tailor can reshape almost any wedding dress to your size. He can also update a wedding gown by changing the neckline or the shape of the skirt or even removing sleeves. Some brides add lace or beading, but brides more often choose to wear a family wedding gown because they like the simplicity of the cut and the beauty of the fabric. Simply cut, unembellished vintage wedding gowns can look just as elegant as wedding gowns by some of today’s best-known designers.

If you wear an heirloom wedding gown, remember to save a special place at your wedding reception, perhaps next to your guest book, for displaying a portrait of the original bride wearing the gown.

Restoration of wedding dress
Restoration of wedding dress
After restoration back of dress
After restoration
back of dress