250x250-bride-02We offer every service that a bride needs to care for her wedding dress.

Before the Wedding

Often your dress and accessories, will only need a final inspection, steam and pressing prior to your special day.  We can do that for you and even deliver it to your venue in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Pre-worn gowns often will need to be cleaned unless they were properly cleaned and preserved after the ceremony.  We are happy to provide you with a free consultation and to inspect your gown and make recommendations to have it in top notch condition for your wedding day.

Jacqueline, our long time tailor can alter your new gown and is even an expert at bringing vintage gowns up to date making a very special gown into your “old, but new” gown.

After the Wedding

We recommend have your gown cleaned as soon as practical after your wedding to reduce the chance of permanent  damage from both visible and stains which are often invisible at present, but might do damage over time.

Vancouver Wedding Gown Specialists by Tuesdays Fine Drycleaning is the only Certified Wedding Gown Specialist in British Columbia, and we can clean and preserve your gown so that you and your loved ones can always preserve the memories of your special day.

The preservation process includes cleaning and placing the gown in a specially designed preservation chest which will protect for a lifetime.

Vintage Gown Restoration

We are often called up to restore gowns warn by Mothers, Grandmothers, and even Great Grandmothers.  This is a challenging process but we treat these treasures in the way you would.  Please click here to learn more about having a heirloom gown restored by the experts at Vancouver Wedding Gown Specialists at Tuesdays Fine Drycleaning.