True or False: Five Myths About Wedding Gown Cleaning and Wedding Gown Preservation

The instructions on the care label inside your wedding gown tell you the best way to clean your wedding gown.  Not true. The label’s directions for wedding gown care may not be the only way—or even the best way—to clean a wedding gown. The care label simply means that if a cleaner follows the instructions, and […]

Cleaning your Wedding Gown

Just one more thing to do…….. It seemed like forever before  your Wedding Day would arrive. Then, like the blink of an eye, it is over. Then the thoughts, memories, and cherished moments linger……forever. Then just one more task…… Taking care of your Wedding gown. It is just as important after the wedding as it […]

Why should you Invest in Wedding Gown Preservation?

You spent a great deal of time selecting your Wedding Dress.You may hope that one day a daughter may wear your dress and or a younger sister. Or you may want to hold on to your beautiful dress for sentimental reasons. Either way, your wedding gown is a treasured keepsake that if properly cleaned and […]

Picking the Right Wedding Gown

Picking the Right Wedding Gown Wedding planners agree – if you’re buying a new wedding gown, begin shopping at least six months before the big day. That may seem long, but it’s just enough time to allow you to find the perfect style, fabric, and accessories, or get them specially ordered from a designer and […]

Making a Strapless Wedding Dress Work

Ask about the various ways they tweak strapless.Approximately 85 percent of  brides pick strapless. Women are crazy for this style! But the fact is, it doesn’t work for everyone. This is where a master at alterations will prove invaluable. Buy the strapless dress you love, then assign your tailor the task of making it work […]

Heirloom Cleaning of Wedding Gowns

THE GOWN OF YOUR DREAMS MAY BE IN YOUR ATTIC. If you are a Bride that has chosen to wear a vintage heirloom Wedding gown, which might have been your mothers or grandmothers wedding dress,   It is important to take it to take your wedding gown to  someone who has experience in this type of […]


  After you have become engaged we know your fist priority is finding your perfect Wedding dress. Finding the right white for your skin tone, Skin Tone  Dark Go for stark white, or almost any shade Skin Tone Medium with olive tones- Go for Champagne or diamond white Skin Tone Medium with yellow tones-Go for Off-white of […]

After Wedding: Dress Has Stains

Your big day has come and gone. Your Wedding Day was everything you dreamed of. Your Wedding Dress looked elegant and you looked spectacular in your dress. You danced, drank wine, talked, laughed and enjoyed every minute. At the end of the night you looked down at your dress and noticed red wine, food, maybe […]

Vintage & Heirloom Gown Cleaning

Your Mom, and or family member has a vintage wedding dress you would like to wear. As you look at the dress you notice it is yellowed and not as bright looking as it should be. Do not worry most vintage wedding dresses can be restored, if you bring your dress to a Certified member […]

Wedding Dress Preparations Before Wedding

We are now coming up to the busiest time of the year for Weddings. With that in mind, it is important to remember a couple of important things before the big day that have to do with that special Wedding Dress you have picked out. 1. 12 months to 8 months have your wedding dress […]