Our Staff

Lesa (Manager)
Lesa Diehl joined the management team in 1994. Lesa is at the helm of  the cleaning services we provide.

Sara (Assistant Manager)
Sara is Lesa’s second-in-command. She helps with the day-to day management of the store.

Jin (Seamstress)
Jin is our master seamstress. She alters your wedding for that the perfect fit.

Jaspreet (Head Presser)
Jaspreet knows how to press any fabric. Give her any garment and it will undoubtedly be ready for your big day.

Rajwinder (Pants Presser)
Rajwinder helps Jaspreet press all fabrics. Rajwinder’s speciality is pressing pant suits.

Manpreet (Shirt Presser)
Manpreet is one of our expert pressers. She can and will press your shirt to perfection.