Our Mission

My Tuesday Wedding provides the utmost service possible to all who walk through our doors. Our customers  vary from generations of Vancouverites to out-of-town wedding parties from a wide array of destinations. As an arm of Tuesdays Dry Cleaning, our vision is in accordance with our parent company:

Mission #1: To surpass all cleaning challenges
We ask detailed questions and gather all relevant information. Then we provide a comprehensive breakdown of the services needed.


Mission #2:To meet the needs and expectations of our customers
We want your wedding dress to look brand new and to sparkle like the day you first laid eyes on it.


Mission #3:To ensure your order is always ready when promised
We provide an estimated ready date and time and we stick to it. If a dress proves harder to clean than usual, we always update the customer on delays.


Mission #4:To provide excellent quality control
We maintain excellent standards so that each dress comes out looking right every single time.